Pioneering Development

The history of Changshan Beiming began in the 1950s. In April 1953, Shijiazhuang No.1 Cotton Textile Factory began to build and started production in May 1954.After that,No.2 factory in 1955, No. 3 in 1956 and No. 4 in 1957 started to operating one by one.

In the fierce era of hard work and passion, a large number of model workers represented by the famous national model worker Qiu Suogui emerged in Changshan Textile. The greige fabric of poplin and single-yarn drill series manufactured by Changshan ware praised as " All purpose Greige Fabric",In the China textile industry, the greige fabrics of Changshan are the most representative greige fabrics, and made Changshan Textile become the leading enterprise in cotton textile industry of China. In December 1998, Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd. was founded based on the factories of  No.1 to No.4 Cotton Textile Factoris of Shijiazhuang. In July 2000, Changshan Textile Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  • No.1 Cotton Textile Factory began to build

  • No.3 Cotton Textile Factory began to build

  • No.2 Cotton Textile Factory was founded and put into production

  • No.4 Cotton Textile Factory was founded and put into production

Taking the Lead by Brave Innovation
After the listing of Changshan Textile Co., Ltd., it has successively implemented large-scale technological transformations, and successively acquired Shijiazhuang No.5 Cotton Textile Factory, Zhaoxian Cotton Textile Factory and Shijiazhuang No.2 Textile Machinery Factory. In 2004, the company invested in Shijiazhuang Changshan Hengxin Textile Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise of Hebei Province covering an area of 62.6 acres, in Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone. In 2008, the company invested in Changshan Textile Industrial Park with leading technology and high-grade products in Zhengding, which covers an area of 214.2 acres. In 2012, the old factory in the city was officially started to stop production and relocate. After years of continuous efforts, the company has completed the relocation and renovation, relocated to the park from city, and has achieved technological upgrading, product promotion, energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

At the same time, Changshan Textile Co., Ltd. takes the mixed- ownership reform as the main line and constantly improves the modern enterprise system. Since 1998, through restructuring of enterprise, listing, rights issuing, equity division reform, private placement etc., the company gradually introduced non-state-owned capital and steadily promoted the reform of mixed-ownership. In July 2015, in the way of private placement for capital increasing, the company implemented a major asset restructuring and acquired 100% equity of Beiming Software, a private high-tech enterprise, forming a new mixed-ownership structure with state-owned enterprise as the largest shareholder and private enterprise as the second largest shareholder. 

Beiming Software Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Guangzhou in 1998. The operation center is located in Beijing, it has nearly 30 branches throughout the country, including five R&D bases in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuhan.

After years of development, Beiming Software has grown into a new generation of domestic famous provider of IT infrastructure solutions, a provider of solution and operation service for smart city and safe city, a provider of construction, management, operation and maintenance service for large–scale data center, a leading provider of industry solution, a provider of solutions and operation service for e-commerce and mobile internet, as well as a provider of agent and integrated service for product value-added.
Achievement of Dream

In September 2015, the company formulated and implemented the “Three-Year Development Strategy Plan”.

In October 2017, the company published the “Five-Year Development Plan” of new park in Zhengding. At the same time, the company’s full name was changed to Shijiazhuang Changshan Beiming Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Changshan Beiming.

At present, Changshan Beiming is focusing on the development of cloud data center, multiple online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform for short), new type of smart city, Internet home textile business, intelligent textile manufacturing and other projects, striving for development and innovation, making efforts to make information technology bigger and stronger, to make modern textiles better and finer, and to build the company into a first-class leading enterprise in science and technology industry of China.