• Modern textile

    Modern textile: the leading products of textile industry include environmentally friendly yarns, functional fabrics and high-ranking brand clothing, home textiles and industrial textiles. The company has academician workstations, national enterprise technology centers and national accredited laboratories, and nearly 100 authorized patents.

    It is one of the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the top 500 China's textile and garment enterprises for competitiveness, and the top 20 enterprises in China's cotton textile industry for comprehensive competitiveness.

  • Aiyi TechnologyIntelligent ManufacturingFine Spinning
  • Information technology

    The company is committed to providing comprehensive IT solutions and cloud computing services for finance, power, energy, government, Internet/operator, public utilities, manufacturing and other industries.

  • Warehouse logistics

    The warehouse logistics industry of the company currently has two major projects: intelligent cold chain logistics and Sorting Center. Among them, the intelligent cold chain logistics project is one of the main project in Hebei Province, and also a central enterprise project supported by central financial funds which introduced by Changshan Beiming.

  • Intelligent cold chain logisticsSorting Center