A201, 2nd Floor, No.1 Building, No.18, South Yongyinqu Road, Badachu Science and Technology Park, Shijingshan District, Beijing

For Beijing Aiyi Life E-Commerce Co., Ltd., main products include bedding, towel, core, home clothes, underwear and socks.

The company has many years of rich experience of textile and application practice of e-commerce, cloud computing and big data, to provide people with high quality of life with the characteristics:

1.Excellent product quality: all product quality is benchmarked against the international first-class brand, and combined with the actual needs of the Chinese people, to achieve the overall transcendence quality.

2.Great user experience: the best natural materials, the most refined production technology are adopted and the best product details are designed to pursue the best use effect.

3.Careful product service: pursuing high-quality purchasing experience and service, all goods can be returned unconditionally within fifteen days after sale.

4.Best cost performance: high-quality ingenious products with very low sales price compared to the same kind, which make it easy for you to enjoy a good life.

5.Pure and simple packing: the inner and outer packing are green and environmentally friendly. The outer package is strong and wear-resistant, and the inner package is simple and clear, to achieve zero burden for dismantling and disposal.

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